Twenty | Five

Twenty | Five

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Be Happy, Be Kind, Be Positive

Today's blog is dedicated to someone who (from behind the scenes, and miles apart) I have always been inspired by and fond of....

This particular individual is always extremely happy and strives to share that happiness with those around her. There aren't too many people like that these days. I'm sure she has her stubborn, snotty moments, but for the most part she's very positive. This explains why she has so many close, honest, and fun people that surround her. Her positive energy is imediately felt the moment you are in contact with her.

I can definitely learn a lot from people who look at the bright side of everything. Because, I know I don't always look at the glass half full.

Now, let's get something straight...first of all..I'm a Scorpio. Scorpios are very instense, motivated, yet very jealous creatures. It's only natural for me to be a little dramatic sometimes, right? :) Add a little impatience and stubborness to the mix and you've got, Me. However throughout my twenties, I have definitely gotten much better when it comes to positive thinking. The more positive thoughts you have, the more positive energy you will display and in return you receive more positive outcomes. It's hard to train your mind to think like this. Especially if you're a female..I mean, hello, hormones?? Those things have a mind of their own! But, what I've learned from this individual and those like her, is to spread happiness and gratitude as often as possible. Whether it's smiling at a stranger accross from you in the subway, holding the door open for the person behind you, or letting someone know how much you love and respect them, even if you haven't talked to that person in months or years.. these are the kind of things that will bring joy to your life and to the lives of others.

We all need to understand is that every human being has a story. So be kind, smile, love and be loved. Be happy and share that happiness with those around you. I will leave you with a little quote from a wonderful message that was sent to me a few days ago from a very special friend.... She said, "I believe that every beautiful person should know the impression that they are making on the world." -BZ. Such a great word of advice, you can count on me to pay it forward.

Much Love - C

ps. And for the one who encouraged me to write this blog today, thank you, thank you, thank you, for your kind words, inspiration and love. Thank you for sharing your happy dimples with me from miles away. I adore you and am so blessed to have people like you in my life. xx

Sunday, August 28, 2011

If you get a chance TAKE IT, if it changes your life LET IT

Wow... It's been way too long since I have written a new post and like I've said many times before, it's unreal how much life can change in less than a year.

I don't even know where to begin. For those of you that have followed my blog, the last time I wrote I was still living in Arizona debating on whether or not to make the move back home to be closer to my family. Well....all of the things that I have talked about so far... (what's meant to be will be, don't live with regrets, believe in the power of "the secret," believe in the beauty of your dreams, etc.) have continued to explain my journey through life.

I have been extremely blessed for all of the amazing opportunties that have come my way, especially throughout my twenties. I'd like to believe that some of it has to do with putting my dreams into action. I'm not one to be afraid of change, so if I get a chance, I take it... because if I didn't, I would always wonder "what if?"

So here I am. Living in the city where dreams are made of and my 27th is rapidly creeping up on me. Twenty six has definitely been a life-changing, heart wrenching, mind boggling year for me. I have made some of the biggest decisions of my life. Shortly after my 26th birthday I moved to CO, six months later I moved to NY.

Sometimes I ask myself if I've made the right choices. Was it right to leave the one I love? I adored AZ, was I going to miss it? And my family, after being close to them, am I going to be able to deal with being thousands of miles away from them again? I've definitely done some serious soul-searching lately. Who knows what these decisions will lead to or how they will impact my future. What I do know is that these decisions will give me life experiences that I would have never had if I chose not to take the opportunites that were given to me. It's just a part of growing up. Thank you to those family and friends that have always believed in me and support me in everything I do. And as for love...what's meant to be will be.

So now, it's time for me to fly....

xx C

ps.  I'm praying for those who were effected by Hurricane Irene.
I'm grateful NY didn't get hit as bad as they anticipated.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Oh boy.... this is definitely the time of year when I get the most homesick. When the trees are suppose to be changing colors, when the snow is suppose to start falling, when the weather is supposed to be much cooler (by like 40 degrees)...yep, this is when I really miss home.

This time of the year always reminds me of my high school days. When life was much easier and time went by slower. I miss the days when all of my best friends and family and I were together, worrying about our comp papers that were due before Christmas break and wondering who we were going to cheer for at our rival football games.. after all, we were friends with boys on both teams :) I miss driving to the local "Mini-Mart" to pick up a couple cups of cappuccino before my first period, always making sure to get one for my BF Kelli Jo (did we even have Starbucks in our small town then?). Anyhow, I was going through old pictures last night and I still can't believe that it has already almost been a decade since we were all in high school. It doesn't feel like that much time has gone by. But, then again, I take a look at what we have all been through (the good and the bad) and realize how much has changed over the years.

Sometimes I just wish we could all go back....

xo C.

Ah yes... and the countdown begins, only 16 more days until I am closer to 30 than 20.. oh boy :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Today is all about setting goals and asking for exactly what you WANT. Not your average, every day goals (like… lose 10 pounds by December or get the house painted before it snows), I mean your ALL time, what you’ve dreamt about for years, what you think are unattainable type goals!

Many of you have probably read or at least have heard about the book “The Secret.” If not, I will give you a little taste of what it’s about.  I discovered “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne in 2006. Some believe in the power of the secret and others think it’s a crock, but I live by it. Prior to my twenties, I had always been extremely goal driven. Whether in school, dance, jobs, friendships, or relationships, I always aspired to achieve. In 2006, I was 21 going on 22. I was young, a junior in college and in a serious relationship, that wasn’t exactly a dream come true…(hey, we all learn from our mistakes, right?). Anyhow, even in my early twenties, life was confusing. I thought I had my future all planned out…. graduate from college by 23, engaged by 23-24, married by 25, kids by 26-27. Like most of us at that age, I thought the guy I was dating was the man of my dreams and that we would be together forever in my own made-up fairytale (key words "made-up"). I thought for sure I was going to be some wealthy Sports Medicine doctor or Physical Therapist, etc. WELL… life didn’t quite happen as planned and boy am I glad that it didn't! Everything happens for a reason, and although it may be extremely hard to deal with at the time, it all works out for the better in the end (it could just be the Universe adjusting things in your life, so that you can have what you truly want, read on, I will explain). The events in my early twenties definitely paved my path to where I’m at currently, and I’m very grateful. It was during these years that “The Secret” really became a bible for me. Something I carried around with my every single day, something I read before I went to bed every night and something I still read every time I need a reminder of how to stay focused on what I want in my life.

“The Secret” is about asking for what you want, believing in your dreams and then receiving them. It’s about positive thinking and positive energy. In the beginning parts of the book, the author explains how “the secret” works and tells its readers to write their own specific goals down. Long-term, short-term, large or small. So… I did. In 2006, I wrote down what I wanted SPECIFICALLY and just found that list the other day while I was going through my journal. That’s when I realized how powerful “the secret” really is. Whether it’s because I read the book, fate, or a higher being, I had achieved every single goal on my list, except for 2. I like to think it’s because I visualized myself achieving my dreams, I truly believed that I was going to receive every single thing on that list and I did. I’m still working on 2 of them, but they’re materialistic anyway. Someday, I will receive those last 2 (a boat, which I don’t know if I want anymore and to pay cash for my very own, brand spankin new Range Rover, not a Range Rover Sport a Range Rover! – that I still WANT!:) ).

To sum it up, I wrote down my goals, what I wanted specifically and I asked for them, I then visualized myself receiving those things or that life every chance I got, I did not think about how long it would take to get them or how I would get them, and eventually received it all. Here are a few things from my previous list (keep in mind, this was when I was still in college): I want...
1) A great job that I will enjoy, while making a lot of money such as a Pharmaceutical Rep, Medical Sales Rep or Distribution Sales Rep for a company like Red Bull. Right out of college, I got an Outside Sales Manager position with the most well-known company in the world, and I love it!
2) To have significant other who loves me unconditionally for who I am. I am now with the love of my life, for real this time. He loves me unconditionally and is beyond what I could have asked for. 
3)To be with someone who appreciates me and the things I do. And that he does. Not just with words, but by his actions too.
4) To travel as many places as possible with my significant other. Just this year we've been to Omaha twice, Park City, California, Boston, New York, Colorado and Wyoming (family first). More to come :) 
 These are just a few things that were on my list. Four years ago, I never knew I would all of those things and more. (Here is a picture of Shane and I in Cancun last year. Thank you for the amazing trip Coca-Cola!)

This "you create the world in which you live in" concept has been around for centuries. Now, all of the theories and philosophies are in one book and I encourage everyone to at least read it once! It will change your life. It changed mine.  Check out this link www.thesecret.tvgo buy the book, read it and start writing down what you really WANT (wealth, health, happiness)! it forward. 

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"- Eleanor Roosevelt

xo. C

p.s. This blog is dedicated to my sister from another mister and my brother from a different YOU know who you are!! I'm back! Sorry it's been a while :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Buds for Life

Nothing too crazy today, just a little update...first off..this week has been insane!!!

But, I had the most wonderful weekend with some of the most amazing people! Words will never describe how thankful I am to have the friends that I have in my life. It's extremely hard to find "true" friends and I'm extremely blessed to have those that are closest to my heart! You all know who you are, through thick and thin, from the East Coast to the West and everywhere in-between, we will always be Buds For Life! Thank you for everything! Please know that I will ALWAYS be there for you!

TGI hump day ;).

xoxo C.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Wow...I can't believe that it's already Friday. That's another thing that I have noticed as I've gotten older...time goes by WAY too fast! Sometimes I take that for granted and need to remind myself to "live in the moment."

Throughout my "twenties" (so far), I have realized that I'm pretty spontaneous. I like taking risks and believe in taking chances. I have taken a gamble on love, friendships, jobs, etc. But, now that I'm in my mid-twenties, these risks seem to be getting more serious and harder to seize. Unfortunately, no one can predict the future. So, we are all on our when making decisions. We can ask for advice, but in the end, it's all up to the person that it is going to effect the, us. 

Betting on odds in my mid-twenties means I am an adult now. I have been out of college for almost 3 years and there is no way of getting around the fact that I am officially "on my own." Which does give me a sense of self-worth and pride, but it's a little scary at the same time. I have been extremely blessed with an amazing family who have supported, guided and shaped me into the woman I am today. And, I want to prove to them that I can do "it,"whatever that may be, on my own. Because the most rewarding feeling in the world is making my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brother and sister proud.
In order to accomplish my goals, it looks like I need to "take the bull by its horn" and do it without someone holding my hand. This entails....TAKING RISKS and learning from my mistakes. 

I read this amazing article from ( )
Risk taking is...
"Opening yourself to change. It is the accepting of the need for change and it is taking the behavioral steps that will result in change."

"Pursuing the required actions despite the fear that it will affect others negatively, resulting in their efforts to make you feel guilty about taking such action."

"Hoping your circumstances will improve as a result of your personal sacrifice, but making it anyway."

"The ability to ignore your need for other's approval in order to take the most appropriate action for you."

"The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing and is nothing." 

As I sit here and reflect on how I arrived here, at this moment in time, a lot of the steps I took were steps of uncertainty. Every decision I have made have all been made by taking risks. Subconsciously and consciously. So...that should make all of my future decisions easier, right?! Absolutely not! But, it does give me hope that no matter what, everything happens for a reason! We can't be afraid of failure, if so, we'll never get anywhere. With that, I leave you with this... (those of you that know me well, know how much I idolize this icon :). xo C

Michael Jordan "Failure" Nike Commercial

I have a large bucket list... meeting Michael Jordan was close to the top: I will never forget this day. Check.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Right Brained or Left Brained?

My mom called me this morning (as most of you know, I talk to her every day, sometimes 4 times a day) but, she was calling me to tell me about an author that she went to go see the other night. His name is Daniel Pink, some of you may already know of him. During this presentation, he was explaining the difference between the left and right side of our brains. Theoretically speaking and from the picture above, the Right Brain functions in more Holistic Thought, while the Left functions in more Analytic Thought. Pretty interesting....Are you right or left brained?? 

I am pretty sure I'm right-brained all the way. Math and analytical matters aren't really my thing...meaning I'm not very good at it and would much rather look at pictures and doodle instead of analyzing numbers logically. But i do looove Science. Hmmm...

Anyhow, my mom was saying that Daniel was explaining the economy's increase in demand for people who are right-brained. The more creative, intuitive and holistic type. Which is great for our generation, especially for those of you that are in your twenties and are still trying to find stable jobs out there in this terrible economical world.

So....start using the RIGHT side of your brain everyone! Let's "be the change we want to see in the world!" -Gandhi

This is Daniel Pink's book that he was referring to in his presentation. Check it out: "A Whole New Mind" - Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future.